S. Tremaine Nelson: To read the greats, to write what one must, this is enough. Brief bio: I am Vanderbilt grad, former slush-pile reader at The New Yorker; born and raised in PDX (I have the socks to prove it); a big fan of Ken Kesey (Sometimes a Great Notion is my favorite book); my favorite band is Wilco; and my featured post is: The Hipster-Literary-Bro Continuum. To contact, email sn2386 at Columbia.edu.

The Verbal Vixen would prefer not to swim with sharks, but would do so if her life depended on it. A resident of Vermont, Ms. Vixen lives to experience, taste, and find joy on every street in every city, most especially in the darkest corners of New York’s Chinatown. She is passionate about people, vodka sodas (with extra extra lime), salt spray, the Florida Keys, film, the power of relationships, peaceful moments, photographs, and sequined clothes. In her not so spare time, Ms. Vixen is a consultant in deafblindness and a closeted bohemian. Featured post: 30 Literary Works to Read Before You Turn 30.

Verbal Vixen, Managing Editor

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