Hi Friends!!!!! Happy Holidays and thanks for being our dear ones! Esmé is big, we are busy, and Vermont is snowy, cozy, and wonderful. So much love to you now and always…

Here are the answers to the crossword we thought was easy but actually isn’t as easy as we had initially thought:


1. E’s area of expertise: DEAFBLINDNESS

7. S is still working on this: DISTRICT OF CAMELOT

14. E still misses this: NEW YORK

16. S has been reading him for two years: PROUST

18. People on sinking ship would send one: SOS

20. A real martini is made with this: GIN

21. Buying this made us official Vermonters: PRIUS

23. Essie’s favorite literary character: HAROLD

25. Essie turned ____ this year: ONE

27. “You’ll ____ the day you crossed me, Trebek.”: RUE

28. Our beloved beater: JEEP

32. S and E saw this band in concert: PHOSPHORESCENT

37. Kanga’s Baby: ROO

38: Sunday morning indulgence: NEW YORK TIMES


1. Author of E’s favorite book this year: DIDION

2. Ben and Jerry’s makes you: FAT

3. Famous Viking, _____ Erikson: LEIF

4. Parents get a lot of sleep: ____: NOT

5. Caribbean ____: SEA

6. We also eat a lot of this: KALE

8. Vermont gets lots of this: SNOW

9. S and E’s favorite place: FLORIDA KEYS

10. Simpson’s Bartender: MO

11. The official Nelson family dinner: TACOS

12. _____ England Patriots: NEW

13. What a cow says: MOO

15. E is learning how to ____: KNIT

17.S hopes to do this on Lake Champlain: SAIL

19. Essie’s first word: HI

21. “3.14256…”: PI

22. Vermonters put this in their coffee: SYRUP

24. Essie wants one for Christmas: DOG

26. S and Essie watch this together: ESPN

29. E listens to this constantly: NPR

30. Essie’s favorite thing: MOON

31. Either/___: OR

33. Spanish for today: HOY

34. Super Masculine deer with horns: ELK

35. Meh TV Crime show: CSI

36. ___ the season: TIS