• Is That Like a Kind of French Pencil? Occasionally, we here at The Literary Man look at literary people we know and wonder, ‘how do they do it?’ We all have different experiences to draw from and we certainly have differences in methods of writing. So we decided to explore and probe into the psyches of one of our fellow writers. Andrew Slater […] 0 Comments December 21, 2012
  • For the Love of Books Joe Queenan at the WSJ has written an ode to books. The actual, physical objects that people touch and feel and moon over as opposed to the digitized ones. Some of us at The Literary Man love the Kindle. Others, not so much. This article, however, is a love letter to the sanctity of books: […] 0 Comments October 25, 2012
  • Writerly Friendships Flavorwire has put together photos of writers hanging out together. The writers in these photos may or may not be friends (some are spouses), but here they are with other writers. Presumably they were all drawn together by the bond of overthinking. Writers Hanging Out Together Here’s out favorite: Ok, so Armstrong wasn’t a writer. […] 0 Comments October 17, 2012
  • TOP TEN SCARIEST BOOKS OF ALL TIME We’re not just about prize-winners and underappreciated books here at The Literary Man.  And since Halloween’s only a few days away, we present you with The Scary Book List. We specifically chose the term ‘scary’ and not ‘horror’, or ‘thriller’, or even ‘paranormal’ because like most good lists, ours is inclusive and written to point […] 0 Comments October 28, 2011