In another life, Steve and I would have been Nashvillians. It is all energy and neon light, full of people with ambition, hope, and passion. We love it- for the drive of it’s locals as well as for countless other reasons.

Yesterday we rolled in to Nashville and simultaneously had a blast from the past and a huge blast toward the future. The growth of the city renders some of the street corners unrecognizable, like the new condo/bar building that went up on the site of many a Saki bomb night at the convergence of 21st Ave, Division, and Broadway, but some corners haven’t changed a bit, like the liquor store and Piggly Wiggly, exactly as it ever was, on West End Ave.

Of course we visited our Alma Mater, Vanderbilt, where we fell in love, pretended that it wasn’t true for a few years & kept dating our high school loves. It’s where we eventually dated, danced our hearts out, studied a bunch, and made the random decision to move to DC post graduation. It’s where Steve proposed and I said yes. It’s where we almost moved to find our forever house.

After a hot wander through our past, we had a quick stop at the bookstore for some Vandy schwag and then headed out to a little spot if my Aunt’s- the coziest country cottage ever- only ten minutes outside of Nashville proper.

We got the kids to bed after microwave Mac and Cheese (easiest road trip kid food for the win) and went out on the porch. There was a rocking chair. There was a porch swing. There were cicadas. It was dusk. Calm. Finally. 

We sipped bourbon. Smoked a much coveted often denied cigarette, and felt our past present and future all in one place.

And now, after an absolutely divine stop for chicken and waffles, and other delicacies at The Loveless Cafe, continuously operated & making the best fresh biscuits since 1951, we are heading north to Missouri and then west toward our next adventure.

Thanks for hanging with us, we are loving this cross country literary adventure.