Hello, dear city. Hello, dear coast. Ten years ago we were in New York, the city. Living & breathing the awesome.

Going back with strollers & fussy kiddos during a rainy steamy summer day was a huge shot of reality, but it was soul food to be back none the less. We drove in late, got off at our old exit in Washington Heights, waved to our little street of 175th and the hospital where we first became parents, and then headed down the Westside Highway.

We have friends that fill the city still, so we spent the morning traversing the city, dodging rain drops, admiring everything. We lost our friend’s spare key, had an epic kid and parent melt down in the Rite Aid, got soaked to the bone reloading the car, but still are glad we came. Leaving this coast, like leaving Vermont, is exhilaration and heartache all at once, and driving away from New York, my city, my everything, after it kicked our butts royally, was all kinds of poetry.

Onward, southward, dear ones.

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