We drove into the District of Columbia in the dark, in the rain. It was late. Our kids were passed out in their car seats. We got off the highway at our old exit and headed to our friend’s house situated right smack in the middle of Capitol Hill. Our friend was up waiting for us, working late. The next day was a day for rest. We napped, restoring ourselves from the last few months, or let’s be honest, the last few years.

The next day we headed out to explore the town: the Capitol building, the mall, the Botanical Gardens (the children’s garden! the succulents!), & the National Museum of the American Indian. Too many places to visit, too little time.

DC is stroller & pocket friendly for tourism activities (especially if you’re staying with friends), and FULL OF OPEN FREE POTTIES, a key piece when spending a day wandering with kids.

Our nights were full of rich conversation, old dear friends, simple delicious food, and loads of kid mischief. In other words, it was absolutely lovely.

DC is a complicated place, and from 2004 – 2007 Steve and I were not our best selves together in it. Over the last few days, going back, it was good to remember the struggles we had in our early marriage, and to be grateful for how far we’ve come with our little bandits. On our last morning, to shed the DC skin, we had a caffeine full, cocktail & cigarette free breakfast at our old haunt, The Tune Inn as a bookend, and it felt just right.