Congratulations to Bob Dylan, although it’s fair to speculate that the Swedes are mostly sending us a gentle middle finger about the current fracas that is the 2016 political election. It called to mind President Obama’s Peace Prize, awarded before he had really gotten started; it was as if the award was really about the preceding eight years of war.

With thoughts to the future, I wanted to recommend the work of Juan Gabriel Vazquez, if you haven’t read him yet it’s time to start now. I just finished his latest novel REPUTATIONS last night and stayed up well past midnight to finish. I had the good fortune of scoring a used copy of THE INFORMERS at the B&N here in Burlington (which, amazingly, also sells used books).

So far, though, the book I found myself telling all my friends about was THE SOUND OF THINGS FALLING. A poetic freight-train of brutal intensity, fatherly compassion, mourning a child’s childhood, hyper-compact Colombian history, love, and violence. This dude is the real deal and here’s to him winning the prize a decade hence, in 2026.

Links to REPUTATIONS, out from Riverhead. reputations