Last night, we Vermonters had the good fortune of hearing not one but TWO writers currently published by Graywolf: Jensen Beach, of The New Yorker and Paris Review notoriety, and Angela Palm, whose mesmerizing memoir RIVERINE, is published this week. Fiona McCrae, editor in chief, introduced the writers and their work, and some fifty literary citizens in attendance enjoyed the reading, along with food provided by the Graywolf National Council.


For any New Yorkers, like me, who miss the immediacy of New York’s literary culture, Burlington is doing its best to foster and cultivate its own community of weird word lovers. Book people, we are, and we somehow sniff out our likeminded literary souls, usually squinting up from a hardcover, or talking out loud to study the cadence or meter of a poem in progress. Keep it up, Burlington, you’re doing great.

For Jensen’s book, pick up a copy at Phoenix Books. And tomorrow, keep an eye out for Angela’s book, too, as it hits the shelves Tuesday August 16. If you’re in Burlington on Thursday August 25, come on down for the book launch at Phoenix. Should be a great time!


And lastly, check out Graywolf’s Galley Club. For a few bucks a month, you can get advance copies of Graywolf’s future list before the books are actually published, and who doesn’t like knowing about a good book a few weeks earlier than all your friends!