I do. I really do want every book to leave you wondering why every book isn’t as special as The Fault in Our Stars. Hot damn, people!! Sometimes books best-sell for a reason. It is futile to add more noise to the Internet’s democratic blessing of this work. Observe this, from Amazon:



That is over 28 THOUSAND five star reviews. And if you’re not cut out for the hard, harsh realities of a world in which cancer exists, do not read the comments. Real people are there, in the comments, and it’s more than many of us can/should bear.


But. But, this book is a work of art, such that I wondered how it came to be, or whether his other works are similarly devastating/perfect. I had no reason to love this book but I did. I guess it’s safest to say that people who want to believe in a world where love matters most, and hope is real, and faith is hard to understand but worth the effort, well, this book is for you. THE FAULT IN OUR STARS.