We Loved You, You Bastion of Kryptonite Cocktail Sloppiness

Friends. Friends Friends Friends. We know times change. Bars come and go, people move on, life changes, we grow up. Time marches on.

But we thought, naively of course, that Winnie’s would always be there. That we would always be able to return to recapture our youth, that feeling we get from entering a place full of memories of countless epic nights. But as far as we can tell, from way up here in Vermont, one of our most beloved spots is gone.

Good bye to you, our Winnie’s. Our bar of the most special kind. Red vinyl peeling booths, excellent Karaoke options with creepy Fabio-esque videos, Kryptonite cocktails emanating an eerie green that dropped you on your ass before you even could drink them halfway down, and Wo Hop- fresh hot dumplings all night- to let you soak up all that Kryptonite from right around the corner.

So I ponder. What happens to those bar ghosts? Does the epic scent of vodka mixed with gin mixed with something green stay somewhere- hidden under the floor boards when a Starbucks or Rite Aid moves in? In 10 years, when someone undoubtedly attempts to convert the space, what will be found beneath the tile?

Our whole nation is filled with these ghosts, not just from bars but from post offices, factories, train stations, and restaurants. These places were filled with energy, with joy, with anxiety, with love, with hard work, with heartache. With so much movement. With so much life. Doesn’t a building hold on to that energy? It must. It will. May 104 Bayard Street reverberate forever with the sounds of The Lion Sleeps Tonight, The Eye of the Tiger, Don’t Stop Believin, and Everything I Do, I Do It For You.