Last night, we watched the action on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, and well, if we’re being honest, Tina and Amy’s opening monologue before heading to bed. But oh! The dresses! The tuxes! The gloves! Claire Danes’ feather gown! But the red carpet really shined when we saw Reese Witherspoon grace the red carpet with none other than our fave Cheryl Strayed (and 1.5 million dollars worth of diamonds) on her arm. While Tina and Amy did their opening number (and BRAVO to them on their spot on dig on Mr. Clooney– you can see the video here), the camera panned over to the cast of Gone Girl, and there, looking absolutely gorgeous was none other than author Gillian Flynn.



So two intelligent and captivating authors, both on the red carpet this year, both being recognized for their work. Think you’ll be there someday? We can’t wait to see.

Photo from the New York Times’ article GONE GIRLS, FOUND.