What Book to Get for That Baby in Your Life That Can Be Read Over and Over Again Without Making You Want to Blow Your Brains Out From Repetitive Boredom…

We are parents of a young daughter who loves to read. As true literary parents, we have been collecting wonderful “Baby Lit” since before she was born, stocking her shelves with delightful treasures for her to stumble upon. But here’s the thing. She picks up a literary nugget and then in her mind that’s the only book of interest for at least a week if not more. We know this is developmentally appropriate. We know it’s normal. But we’re wanting novelty by the third time around and she’s still at the same book, looking for us to read it again on day three: reading numero twenty. So what baby books are so good, so lovely, that you as a parent, grand parent, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, or boyfriend trying to make good with your girlfriend’s baby niece can stand to read them over and over again? Here’s our top picks. Would love suggestions- we’re always looking to try a new book!

1. Jack Wang: War and Peace (Cozy Classics)

We love this one. Love love love. We think it’s funny because we know how much has been cut out and our daughter thinks it’s hilarious when the cannons go “BOOM” and then “BOOM” again. Win win for all, and very literary indeed.



2. Ezra Jack Keets: The Snowy Day

Remember this gem? Beautiful simplicity and so much emotion in the illustrations.

31-The-Snowy-Day-smaller3. Sandra Boynton: Lets Dance Little Pookie

This one is pure fun. Makes you want to get up and dance every time.

rh-153_2z4. Crockett Johnson: Harold and the Purple Crayon Board Book

What year and a half year old isn’t obsessed with crayons, adventures, and the moon? Harold has it all, and his adventures are so sweet you can’t possibly be bored.



5. Jennifer Adams: Alice in Wonderland: A Colors Primer

We. Love. BabyLit Books. There isn’t one we haven’t loved yet.

Alice 2


So what are you waiting for?! Baby’s got to be literary!! Hope you’ll enjoy these selections as much as we do.