What Book to Get For That One Literary Person You Know Who Has Sold or Given Away All Non-Essential Books to “De-Clutter” and Doesn’t Want Any More (but Still Loves Reading Good Literature)

Sheesh. This is a hard one. For all of you who are searching for the perfect literary gift for those family members and friends who are avid readers but visit libraries or buy e-books rather than book books, who don’t view physical books as “art” but rather as “clutter,” who already have a million books set aside for their next run to Good Will, we’re talking to you.

What oh what literary gift to get for that person? Some may say, “Easy! Get them wine to drink while they are reading!” We say yes of course, you could go the way of a non-literary gift, but let’s think, really think, about what one could get that wouldn’t be clutter, wouldn’t be a physical book, but would still be literary, useful, and of course, clever.

1. Literary T-Shirts: Because let’s face it, you’ve almost always got to wear clothes!


2. Literary Temporary Tattoos: If your friend has been talking about getting a tattoo for years, these temporary ones might kick start the process of ACTUALLY GETTING ONE.


3. Literary Lithograph Posters: Because we all know art on the wall is essential for any literary household.


4. Literary Bandaids: Even the most clutter phobic of friends needs a bandaid sometimes. Double points for being literary!


5. Literary Tote Bag: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (and more importantly, Declutter!). From our fave book store of all time: Powells Books in Portland, OR, second place goes to our second fave book store: The Strand in NYC


6. Literary Christmas Tree Ornament: As a reminder at Christmas to Keep Calm and Listen to Your Literary Agent- ha! So hard to do!


Do you have any other fun useful literary trinkets? Send them our way! We’d love to hear.

Featured Image from here.