The writer’s desk, a sacred space of courting the muse, of blocking out the noise, and getting down to work. For me, I need to see the people I love, the writers I admire, and it doesn’t hurt to have a bunch of other random shit just lying around. And, yes, that’s a Heady Topper sitting to the right. Books, also, should always crowd the corners of your desk. So, readers, this is where I write. You can see Hunter S. Thompson, Borges, my wife (x2), the Art, and of course Julio Cortazar.


How about you? Share with us your must haves, must nots, and secret ingredients to success. Inquiring minds would like to know what works. For all of us who have found our space to pound the keys, there’s someone out there still trying to find the right creative ingredient. Let us know in the comments below.