Got this in the mail today from Andalusia, the home of Flannery O’Connor. The town of Milledgeville, Georgia is working to keep Flannery’s old home open and available for literary tourists. We made the trek last winter and had a wonderful, if creepy, time. The place has the air of a haunted mansion, with Flannery’s old braces and typewriter visible in her bedroom (open for tourists). There are still peacocks in the backyard, too. This is a literary relic, a real-life slice of Southern Gothic, and restoration would be welcome, so long as they do it right. Better to preserve than to lose it altogether.
Here’s a glimpse into the letter:


And another one of the lovely postcards with Flannery’s witticism:


Here’s a link back to our pictorial tour of Flannery’s home. And here’s a link where you can donate.