A seminal mid-century text that influenced Cormac McCarthy and Thomas Pynchon, Oakley Hall’s WARLOCK is recommended for any reader enamored with American myth and folklore, proto-westerns, and prose like this:

“Men are like corn growing. The sun burns them up and the rain washes them out and the winter freezes them, and the cavalry tramps them down, but somehow they keep growing. And none of it matters a damn so long as the whisky holds out.”

Cheers to the New York Review of Books for republishing this, and STONER by John Williams, another would-be forgotten American classic recently resuscitated. Here’s the current reissue cover of WARLOCK:



And here’s the bad ass old timey cover from the first edition:


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that one of my favorite bands of the past ten years took their name, Oakley Hall, from the novelist. Cheers to you, Oakley Hall, wherever you are. Have fun reading!