In this age of digital nonsense, one thing is certain: it’s possible to share something with billions of people within a matter of seconds. Usually, it’s just garbage lists full of photoshopped catfaces and Jennifer Lawrence gifs (not complaining) and arbitrary rankings of things from previous decades (of which we are hardly innocent). Still, there’s something seductive about the possibility of getting the name of a poet to go viral. Not for something outlandish or criminal, just for being a poet, talking about poetry, getting interviewed about poetry, books, art, and other writers. The question is: how to do it? Is there some sequence of questions and answers that would be so devastating, so dangerous to the “institution” that the content of the interview would go viral?

"Must you speak of me to ensure your poetic virality?"
“Must you speak of me to ensure your poetic virality?”

What say you, readers? What would you ask a poet to strike up some kind of controversy? How would you coax an artist into some kind of steel against steel dialogue? Let me know if there are any questions you’ve always wanted to ask your favorite writer. It doesn’t have to be about a specific book, but could be about literature in general. Yes, this may be a hopeless task, but we’re still going for it. The interview is next week!