Date: November 4

Time: Around 2:36 p.m.

Location: Sitting on a bench in the southern playground, facing south. Walking through the middle of the park, doing one final lap.

Weather: sunny, getting colder.

Background: after watching the kids play with their guns, we started getting cold. We walked, thinking it might warm us up.

Transcript of observed events:


Dictation: We didn’t see a funeral. Thought that we might. All those funeral homes over there. Kids playing with the leaves. Dad with a ponytail. Zadie, cute little girl name. Can’t really tell that they’re fighting. Kids are running. Shooting the Nerf balls, retrieving the ammo. North Face jackets all over the place. Ponytail dad stands unfazed in the middle of the warzone. A kid says, I am awesome.

Writer: “Is it creepy to take pictures of kids in a park?”

Dictation: Fat winter pigeon. The girls have guns, too. Transitional weather, closer to winter now, still leaves on the tree, London something or other. Yawning. Life continuing. Hula-hoop stuck in one of the trees. Kids wearing sunglasses. Kids running across on the monkey boys while the other kids watch.

Writer: “It seems to make sense why you’d live by a park if you had kids. Your kid would say ‘I’m gonna go to the park,’ and you’d say okay.”

Photographer: “At least middle aged kids. The little kids probably have a parent. But those kids are middle school or high schooled aged.”

Writer: “I was allowed to go to Sellwood Park in 5th grade. I walked to school in 4th grade. I walked from 3rd grade on.

Photographer: “Did you walk with a group?”

Writer: “Not really. Sometimes there’d be other kids.”

Artist: “The dad is aware of us”

Writer: “You have a ponytail. You look arty.”


Artist: “That guy’s in a suit. I wonder if he’s part of a funeral. The guy next to him is also wearing a suit.”

Photographer: “I also smiled at the dude with the ponytail.”

Writer: “He has a handgun and a rifle. Ready for war.”

Photographer: “These pigeons think we have food. Fat pigeons. Yuck. Flying rats.”


Dictation: [Getting up and walking again]. Sound of kids screaming and playing. Squirrel. Not a lot of squirrels in this park. Rats probably fight them off. Core temperature is low. Park closes at dusk. Car alarm honks. Samurai sword hat. Pointy triangular Japanese hat. Maybe a Vietnamese hat. Marlboro pack. Generator parked on Mosco street. Broken tambourine bells. Florist, all occasions. Right next to the funeral parlors.

Dictation: Christian relief on building, Christian symbol. Baby holding the cross and the scepter. 26 Mulberry. Wah Wing Funeral Parlor. Eagle. Elderly couple coming out of the funeral parlor. A rat’s head. Very interesting, very weird relief. Brrr, brrr.

Artist: “Hadn’t occurred to me but this store must be for the funerals.”


Dictation: “Store with paper stuff. 100 Mosco Street. 212-732-3448. Next to Funeral parlors. Another broken tambourine, fake flower, thought of Bob Dylan. Dead pigeon, on a piece of paper, as if someone had moved it there. A baby pigeon, small emaciated pigeon, first piece of death that we’ve witnessed. Kids of all ages taking place in full court basketball game. Roses blooming, in the fall. Sign: park closed due to storm conditions call 311 to report fallen trees in parks or on streets.

Writer: “You guys tired?”

Artist and Photographer: “No.”

Dictation: organized basketball practice with a Chinese coach, next to the skateboarders, and a guy filming skateboarders. Flex gym-t shirt on body-building Chinese guy. Columbus plaza versus Columbus Park? New York City public recycling. Two guys checking out a car that got keyed. Mom, Dad, daughter, playing football on the soccer field. First sign of the storm. Fallen tree. Not totally uprooted from the storm, but still. Connected by this force. The friend force. More garbage, same amount of garbage as normal. Return of the sounds of the music. A conclusive third episode, lot of kids, more playful, bringing it back to Day 1. The Beijing Opera sings.

Artist: “What is that in the field?”

Writer: “It’s a guy’s backpack.”

Artist: “Oh, I thought it was something interesting.”

Writer: “Everything is interesting, that’s what we’ve learned.”