writingWhat should a young writer study in college? Today’s literary question was posed by a young writer who’s on her way to a four-year college and isn’t sure what to study.  In asking The Literary Man what to study, she qualified her question with the lovely Twitter parlance of our times: #Ijustwanttowrite and #maybeeditsome. We’ve all been there: we love reading, we love writing, we want to write full-time, but what should we study? What will strengthen our abilities and knowledge of the world? Is it best to be an English major? What about experiencing foreign cultures?

As a former English / Psych major, I’m inclined to nudge this young writer towards the world of letters: either English literature or the literature of another language. But, in studying psychology, there’s a realm of humanity and depth of human experience I’d never experienced before studying the human brain–human mind, too–and all the devices of its deviance.

Maybe this is too broad a question, maybe not, but we’d love to hear your thoughts. If you’re a writer now, or wanted to be in college, what did you study and how did it help?