Date: November 4

Time: Around 1:53 p.m.

Location: walking south, around the eastern perimeter of the park.

Weather: sunny, cooler, pleasant.

Background: After sitting on the steps of the pavilion, we stood up and took our walk around the park.

Transcript of observed events:

Dictation: Flute music is more melodic, snakeskin banjo (same ones who played Star Spangled), the other piped stringed instrument, erhu the stringed one, looks like he’s playing inside the string, but the bow is built in between the two strings, two pegs at the top to adjust the tension of the strings. Leaves still green, yellowish.


Dictation: Local United 23 teamster woman, walking around, now reading the Chinese newspaper. Quieter, less tension in southern half of park. Black man with a beard like Abraham Lincoln’s beard, very tall, very skinny. Kids playing soccer, wrestling practice, official wrestling moves, high school aged kids. Man on basketball court doing push ups in which push ups are punishment for missing a shot. No formal soccer today. Rice on the ground, lots of rice.

Artist: “I saw a parade of people with giant red Chinese lanterns earlier.”

Dictation: Used white antiseptic glove. Not much hurricane damage at all. Underground laundry, right underneath the Mama Eatery, looks to be Tea Mama Eatery, 46 Mama Tea, Tea Mama. Mulberry Street, heart of Little Italy, Vito Corleone. Streetlamp is pagoda roof style.


Artist: “Try to get the American flag in the background”

Writer: “Careful, love.”

American flag, Vietnamese restaurant. Policemen getting into a Dodge Ram, unconcerned with getting photographed. License plate EFP 8862.

Photographer: “He’s worried about me and Tidbit.”

Dictation: Taking a break at the comfort station. Kids playing Magic the Gathering, a line for the bathroom, for the first time. Peeing. Sound of hand drier. Outside. Man with white striped mohawk, could be natural, but might not be.

Artist: “That man’s wearing a surgical mask, playing mahjong.”

Dictation: Kids playing with really interesting guns, fake guns.


Photographer: “Would you think that’s in the United States of America?”

Dictation: More than ten kids with awesome looking Nerf guns.

Writer: “Let’s watch them shoot each 0ther for a little bit.”


Dictation: New vantage point. Southern half of the park. Crazy looking old man. Missing our friend Jimmy.

Artist: “Missing Our Friend Jimmy. He looks like a good dude. He looks like a guy you’d miss.”


Writer: “Let’s look South. We haven’t done this vantage point.”

Artist: “You guys have to work tomorrow?”

Writer: “Back to the drudgery.”

Dictation: Kids are Chinese, but hard to know if they’re ABC or, well, no telling. Compared to last week, there were no children out at all, except for a few with the nanny, in preparation for the hurricane. Some teenager kids running around and talking to each other, drinking out of a thermos of some kind, spitting at each other.

Dictation: Weird play structure, portals, all of this stuff is red, yellow, and orange, FDNY Mask Service Unit 2, Verizon Cable van, other traffic.

Artist: “Remember last time? She was rubbing her butt against the thing.”

Writer: “Way colder in the time that we’ve been sitting here.”

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