Literarians: today we present to you a question:

What do you read to a man who may or may not hear you?

Last week a dear friend and family member of ours was in a horrific car accident. He continues to be in critical condition and is in a coma in intensive care. This weekend, we plan to make a visit and are racking our brains to come up with ideas of what to bring. His wife is allowed four visits a day, for about 30 minutes each visit. They only allow one visitor at a time to see him, and at a certain point, we’re sure that it’s difficult to come up with things to say. It’s important to keep talking, to keep the words coming so hopefully somehow he can hear her voice and keep fighting.

With this in mind, we started thinking about books. Books are a great way to pass time and connect with a person while placing minimal strain on the visitor. We’re thinking about books that are exciting, books that leave you hanging, books that might cause our friend to hang on for another visit, another day, so that he can hear the next part of the story.

We’ve brainstormed choose your own adventure books. We’ve considered THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH as it reminds Milo that life is exciting beyond his wildest dreams. We’ve discussed and dismissed comic books. We aren’t sure what would be best. Can you help? We’d love your suggestions and input.

And for now, stay safe, hug your loved ones a little longer tonight, and be thankful for all the things you have. Life can be fleeting and short, but it’s full of hope and surprises. Today, we choose hope.