Here at The Literary Man, we’ve often confessed our longtime adoration of all things related to Latin American literature, but this upcoming Monday night we’ll be blessed with the chance to meet a literary titan: Mario Vargas Llosa, legendary literary man and 2010 Nobel Laureate. We are thrilled!

Mario Vargas Llosa. B. 1936.

Author of too many awesome books to mention — including Conversation in the Cathedral and The Feast of the GoatVargas Llosa is in town promoting his newest novel The Dream of the Celt   published by FSG. Who was able to bring this 76-year-old genius to New York? The event is presented by the Americas Society and Farrar, Straus and Giroux as part of Carnegie Hall’s New York citywide “Voices From Latin America” festival. Several weeks  back, we were able to celebrate Rivka Galchen in dialogue with Gregory Rabassa thanks to the Americas Society, and we’re pleased to be able to return to the lovely literary palace on 68th and Park Avenue.

As if Vargas Llosa wasn’t enough, the Americas Society will also be welcoming star translator Edith Grossman and Jonathan Galassi renown poet and publisher of FSG. Together, Grossman, Galassi, and Vargas Llosa will discuss The Dream of the Celt and it’s possible — yes, possible! — that we might get to ask Vargas Llosa a question or two. It’s incredible opportunities like this that remind us why the literary life is a good one.

Due to Vargas Llosa’s popularity, the event’s sold out, although there are a few tickets still available to members of the Americas Society. If you’re a literary man or literary lady living in New York, consider joining the Society in order to gain access to events like these. New York is full of venerable institutions that bring top-shelf literary events to the city, but the Americas Society is the foremost champion of Latin American literature in New York. Since we’re such loyalists of Borges, Cortazar, and Garcia Marquez, we’re very impressed that the Americas Society has now added Vargas Llosa to its already stellar 2012 literary line-up. So take look, oh literarians, and consider joining the cause.

Last but not least: send us your questions you’d like to ask Mario Vargas Llosa. Let us know what you’d like to know about this great Peruvian writer and his tremendous body of work. Send us a note!

Submitted by @stremainenelson