New York City is our home, our playground, our beloved city. The Literary Man has contributing writers from many far off places, but our heart is here, in this city that never sleeps. Last week, many parts of our city went dark, and many places still continue to be disaster zones full of wreckage. But our city does not lose heart. Our city is a city full of people that do not quit. People in this city know how to face down adversity and strife and rise above. So if you’re a New Yorker looking to lend a hand, or if you’re a lover of New York looking to give, here are some things you can do to help rebuild this great place.

New Yorkers create an assembly line- passing bags of food and supplies to the trucks for Coney Island on Saturday

Occupy Sandy and Lower East Side Recovers:

Occupy Sandy has been instrumental as a go to resource for New Yorkers looking to help. This site has lists for volunteer opportunities as well as donation needs for sites in all five boroughs.

Long Island Volunteer Center:

Long Island Volunteer Center is working hand in hand with the Red Cross and other large agencies to coordinate volunteers who want to contribute to relief efforts in Long Island. If you are in Long Island and want further information you can also visit Hands On Network and the Long Island Chapter of the American Red Cross

New York Cares:

New York Cares offers a comprehensive list of ways to volunteer and to donate in the relief efforts.

New York Blood Center:

Give Blood. New York City now has a shortage of blood and is in desperate need of blood donors. If you are able, you can go to the New York Blood Center website for donation centers.

Volunteer at a Shelter:

New York City has now consolidated their shelters, but help is still needed to keep them running 24 hours a day.

Give Clothes to Salvation Army or Goodwill, Not to Donation Sites:

Clothes are no longer being accepted at many donation sites, but over time Salvation Army and Goodwill plan to issue gift cards to people who have been hit the hardest by this storm. Giving your clothes to these organizations will ensure that they are properly sorted, cleaned, and passed on to people who need them most.

Locals in Action:

And lastly, if you happen to live downtown, and if you’ll be in the area tomorrow, Tuesday November 6th at 4pm, take a walk to the Whole Foods at 270 Greenwich Street in Manhattan, where Girl Scout Troop #3368 is collecting items to be taken to the Rockaways. Here’s what they have to say:

We are NOT accepting anything other than what is on this list.  No sites need any clothing, pillows, evening bags, lamps, etc.
Actual items needed:
Rakes, Shovels, Work gloves, Cleaning supplies, Contractor bags, Mops, Flash lights, Lanterns, Candles, Matches, Lighters, Batteries, Paper towels, Toilet paper, Adult diapers, Hand Sanitizer, Masks, Bleach, Granola bars, Water, Sterno, Baby food, Baby wipes, Diapers, Jelly, Bread, First Aid items, Toiletries, Feminine products
So to all of you Literary Man readers who have lived in, visited, dreamed about, loved in, hated, cursed, danced in, caroused in, or simply thought of this great city, we encourage you to give in whatever way you can to help this city rise even higher and become even greater.