There comes a time in the life of an avid reader when there are so many options, so many choices of what to read that he or she feels the strangest of sensations: Reader’s Block. Urban Dictionary has not only defined this term but has capitalized on it: they sell t-shirts, mugs, and beer steins with this most disastrous of events spelled out clearly in black and white.

Drink away your reader sorrows with one of these babies

Reader’s Block is partly defined by Urban Dictionary as:

“The inability to read a book or the impatience to read one. Readers block often happens to people who read more than 5 books a month and they begin to get bored of reading them.”

I am a voracious reader. I often read more than five books a month. In my current reading line up I have the following books: a smattering of Latin American Literature, new fiction, and a biography thrown in for good measure…

THE LOST STEPS, by Alejo Carpentier


CLEOPATRA: A LIFE, by Stacy Schiff

THE YELLOW BIRDS, by Kevin Powers

And yet I cannot, for the life of me, pick up anything. I look at the books over there in the pile and think of a million other things I could be doing. Help! Reader’s Block has taken over my brain! Whatever is a reader to do?

How can I channel Belle and beat the reader’s block?