It’s officially summer. In our minds, mid July is the perfect summer moment: not yet into the dog days, but far enough in for our vacations to be officially planned. Summer is a time to relax, a time to enjoy being outside, a time to eat that juicy fresh tomato straight from the garden, a time to settle in and read a good book straight through from start to finish.

We weren’t sure what summer reads would come our way, but at a book club meeting a few weeks back, GONE GIRL, by Gillian Flynn, was all the buzz. With a
vacation coming up, we were looking for a good beach read, and with this suggestion, we knew that we’d found the book that we could read without interruption, without pretension, without boredom. A book that was FUN.

We’d seen the book in store windows and had heard that Reese Witherspoon and 20th Century Fox were producing the movie adaptation. Wandering through the village, we stumbled on the perfect little place to purchase it: Three Lives & Company Booksellers. We walked right in and picked up a copy. Once we did, we read it in two days. We couldn’t put it down. It’s a crime thriller, it has twists and turns, it’s creepy, interesting, and smart. It’s a perfect summer read.

Set in small town Missouri, the book follows a married couple, Amy and Nick, ping ponging perspectives, to chronicle the lead up and aftermath of Amy’s disappearance. Amy keeps a diary, which contains entries from when she met Nick through the day she went missing. Between her journal entries, Nick shares what happens from the day Amy goes missing onward. We don’t want to say too much, because this book has surprises. This book is compelling and well written. This book will keep you engrossed from the moment you open the pages; tides will rise and recede, the sun will move up and down in the sky, and you’ll still be reading. Once you’re finished you’ll pass it on to your vacation buddy that you ignored who will promptly ignore you and devour the pages.

Set in Missouri, some of the action takes place in Hannibal, Mark Twain’s home town

So go out and get yourself a beach read. If you’re looking for a good one, buy GONE GIRL. If you have another great summer read we’d love to hear your suggestions. Summer is, after all, a time to relax, and we’re happy that people are still relaxing by reading for pleasure.