Today, we’d like to talk about fashion.

More often than not we’re all too poor to buy something new, and throw on our old Levis and trusted t-shirt before brewing that first cup of coffee and getting down to the business of writing. But at times, literary-ness and fashion can go hand in hand. For some, crafting one’s appearance as an artist can take thoughtfulness and becomes a creative process when thinking of what to project to the world about one’s self without using words.

Giambattista Valli, Fall 2012 Couture

For us on the Literary Team, we tend to be on the searching side of fashion. We love the creative process, and have a penchant for well made beautiful pieces that we cannot afford. So, instead of splurging, which is impossible considering the price tags and our credit card limits, we end up window shopping while wearing our trusted old jeans and v-neck t-shirts. Although we cannot buy beautiful hand crafted items off the Chanel or Alexander McQueen runways (not yet!), we view  fashion as art, and sometimes we like to peek in and see what new and interesting things are coming up up and around the bend.

Peter Som, Resort 2013

We’re tired of ankle boots and skinny jeans. We’re tired of dark rimmed glasses and plaid. We’re tired of people looking the same, well not the same exactly; it’s just that for us, our aesthetic and closets feel a bit tired, and we want something new. We want Fall 2012 to be a breath of fresh air and upon looking at what’s up and coming, we think it can be.

Chanel, Pre-Fall 2012

Sumptuous fabrics, brilliant colors, and creative pairings of textures are causing us to jump for joy. We are inspired to wear tunics with elastic waist pants (!), we will wear pants that are above our hips that won’t show our unmentionables when we lean over (!), we want to wear long skirts and dresses to avoid unsightly skin (!), we can wear whatever we want to, and we’re pumped. We’re excited to hit the second hand shops along 23rd Street, to stop in at Housing Works and to make it to the greatest thrift stores in Brooklyn, Soho, and elsewhere. This is a good year for fashion, and even if we can’t have it, we’re happy to see that this year’s collections will be interesting, inspiring, and entirely inventive.

Maison Martin Margiela, Fall 2012 Couture