If you live in the great metropolis that is New York City, you are a lucky soul. In addition to the unending list of reasons we’ve discussed before, we have just discovered the most delicious, delectable, mind boggling fish taco in New York. It’s  accessible by subway! It’s super cheap! It’s in Rockaway Beach, Queens and you need to go.

Now we know that this isn’t a food blog, so we’ll connect this taco of amazingness to art, to literature, and to Literary Men and Ladies right now:

When biting into this taco tasting guacamole, fish, tangy lime, and spicy salsa you will be transported a la Proust to lost times while sitting among your fellow literarians who are browsing the take a book leave a book lending library and scribbling taco inspired sentences, phrases, and drawings on the newly hung chalk boards above your seats. 

There. We did it. Phew.

Rockaway Beach is one of the weirdest places we’ve ever been and yes, in our minds it is even stranger than Coney Island. But we loved it and most certainly will go back again to delve into that pile of taco heaven that is Rockaway Taco before hitting the beach to watch surfers catch waves right off the shore. Who knew there were fish tacos and surfers in the City of New York? Just another reason to love this great big bad city.

Rockaway Taco: 19 Rockaway Beach Blvd, Rockaway, NY 11693