Situated on the northwest corner of 19th Street and 7th Avenue is a bar that we wish we could keep a secret. It’s welcoming, it’s not crowded, the food is good and the juke box is always rockin’. The drinks don’t run cheap, but the beer is always cold and the bartender will often throw in some free shots of whiskey if you stay long enough.

Peter McManus Cafe 152 7th Avenue, New York, NY

This bar has been featured on Seinfeld, Law & Order, Saturday Night Live, and was selected as a filming location by literary man Edward Norton when he directed Keepin’ the Faith. We love this bar. We love the food. We love the mishmash of people gathered on any random night.

On one of our first visits, we had our first celebrity spotting in New York: Cameron Diaz. She was lovely, funny, and kind, even when our crazy actor friend, wearing stripes and plaids together, approached her to compliment her on her work in Being John Malkovich.

When you’re there, in an homage to the longtime owner who passed away in 2001, we suggest that you order a Rob Roy. When making it in 1992 for a New York Times restaurant critic, James McManus himself shared his secret: “You don’t want to bruise the vermouth. It’s delicate. Like wine.”

Well said, Mr. McManus, well said.