Several weeks back, we published our review of KINO, a psychotropic literary thriller by Jürgen Fauth, coming out soon from up-and-coming indie publisher Atticus Books (we’re always pleased when the indies are able to muscle into the bigger corporate publishers’ turf). Writers, now it’s your turn to send in your film-inspired creations! Mina Kobltiz, granddaughter of Klaus “Kino” Koblitz, has partnered with Atticus Books to sponsor a creative contest to honor the work of this legendary filmmaker.

As part of an effort to restore her grandfather’s name, Ms. Koblitz is “looking for likeminded souls to help me extend my grandfather’s legacy and create something larger.”

KINO by Jürgen Fauth

She encourages anyone to participate in creating artwork—photography, art, fiction, movie posters, trailers, soundtracks—that she will share on her blog, Tulpendiebe. The idea, basically, is to submit any forms of art that have been inspired by the films of Kino Koblitz, which will then be shared with this artistic community at large.

In support of Ms. Koblitz’s efforts, Atticus Books is offering signed copies of Kino, Jürgen Fauth’s novel based on the life of filmmaker Kino Koblitz, for the most creative submissions received by May 15. All submissions will be considered for inclusion in an enhanced multimedia remix e-book edition of Kino. Submissions can be made directly to Mina Koblitz by e-mailing her at mina.koblitz (at)

For artists and writers interested in submitting, watch the recently restored cinematic trailer for Kino’s film Tulpendiebe (The Tulip Thief).

Happy writing!