Today, the Verbal Vixen took a walk to the MOMA during her lunch break to view the great works of Cindy Sherman.This retrospective highlights her photography from the 1970’s to the present, and many of the collections are presented in their entirety. All 69 of Cindy’s Untitled Film Stills are presented and show her as both the subject and the photographer, a common theme in her work. In this series, she presents herself in poses and costumes inspired by female film roles from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Untitled Film Still #7 by Cindy Sherman

As Cindy Sherman grew as a photographer, she continued to incorporate costumes, make up, unique backgrounds, props, and manequins. Beware, friends, this exhibit is not for the weak of stomach or puritanical eye.

Our favorite new tidbit of information: In her 1980-1981 collection: Rear Screen Projections, Cindy projected slides onto the wall of her studio of different scenes and photographed herself in front of them. We think this is a very cool idea. BUT the real question is this: how did the image from the slide not get projected on to her body? Did she photograph the slides, rewind the film, and then photograph herself? Was the projector above her head or below her body?Curious and inspiring.

Overall Grade: A+ for the MOMA’s transformation of the exhibit space to highlight Cindy’s creepy and freaking amazing photographs.