Drink up! It's Thirsty Thursday!

Developed by Mr. Greg Connolly, a bartender at the Four Seasons Restaurant in NYC, the Tin House Martini is an inventive take on a beloved classic. Hopefully one day we’ll be drinking one while toasting a longed for publication by one of our own in this cherished Portland, Oregon based magazine.

The Tin House Martini
Cinzano dry vermouth

1. Pour 1/2 oz of Pernod into a cocktail shaker.
2. Swirl until it coats the inside of the shaker. Pour off any excess.
3. Splash two eye-dropperfuls of Cinzano dry vermouth into the bottom of the shaker, and again swirl it about, then pour off the excess.
4. Pour 4 to 4 1/2 oz of Tanqueray gin into the shaker, add ice, and with a long-handled silver mixing spoon, stir exactly twenty times.
5. Pour the drink into a very well-chilled martini glass.
6. Add three small cocktail olives, or two large ones, sans toothpick. The flavors of olive and Pernod commingle so deliciously, that at least one of the olives should be consumed after the drink is finished.