Kurt Cobain: b. 1967, d. 1994

What more can be said about Kurt Cobain, the writer and singer of songs that defined a generation? What pushes his status over the edge from Rock God to Iconic Literary Man?

In 1992, Cobain collaborated  with his hero and literary man William S. Burroughs  to provide backup guitar on Burroughs’ album, The “Priest” They Called Him. For your literary Monday lunch break, we encourage you to have a listen.

Literary Man Kurt Cobain marries Courtney Love in his pajamas: February 24, 1992 in Waikiki. We're not sure a literary man would wed in his pj's today. Probably he'd be wearing a smart 3 piece suit or shawl collar tux, as men's fashion has transformed dramatically since the early 90's...