Greetings literarians: we wanted to throw a little shout out to the official charity of the Literary Man, Help Them Hope, which works to help disadvantaged kids with physical disabilities in Peru. Help Them Hope provides the kids with textbooks and other resources that enable to become educated and  independent. Several of us here at the Literary Man had the good fortune to travel to Peru and work with many of the kids at the Hogar Home some 30 kilometers outside of Lima. As you can see in the picture of Victor (below), these kids are SERIOUS about their education, and, most importantly, about learning how to read and write. Go Victor!

This is what a real writer looks like.

We don’t have any ads on this site, or any other means of making money through the Literary Man, but we would like you to at least take a look at Help Them Hope and consider supporting these kids in any way you can. We’re at 96 percent and every little bit of encouragement helps!