For some literary inspiration and encouragement, here is an excerpt from a recent New Yorker profile of Alaa Al Aswany, author of THE YACOUBIAN BUILDING:

He talked about discipline and perfectionism: he rises every morning at six to write and methodically revises his work, often producing as many as ten drafts of an essay. “I have to feel myself a fighter,” he said, hunching his shoulders, lowering his head, and bringing his fists up to his face. I realized that his physigonomy matches his psyche. “I am fighting for my career, for my writing, and for my success,” he went on. “Every day, I wake up early. And often I am tired, and my wife says, ‘No, no.’ And I think, ‘I must get up and work.'” It is this determination that keeps him moving. “I tell my wife, ‘I am a boxer.'”