You’d think by now Vanity Fair would have found a better way to create controversy. In what has to be an obvious oversight on someone’s part, the annual Hollywood issue has yet again pushed any / all non-white actresses off the fold of the magazine’s cover. Why? If this were an isolated incident, one could write it off as an editorial oversight or insensitivity, but, as our friends at Jezebel have documented, this has been happening for years. Will someone who works for Vanity Fair explain this to us? We’re not making any political arguments here, we’re just asking for someone at the magazine to give some sort of explanation about how / why different entertainers are chosen for the cover, as it undoubtedly boosts their careers and provides them with enormous amounts of publicity (also, where the hell is Sofia Vergara on this thing? No Modern Family love?)

Here’s the 2012 pic (with fave literary lady Jennifer Lawrence):

Here’s last year’s pic:

And let’s take a stroll back in time to the not-so-innocent year of 2004:

Now, just to push this thing a bit further, here’s a trip back to the 1990s:

Outraged? Indifferent? Have some kind of idea about what’s going on? Tweet us with any insight onto this ongoing pattern of white outs.