Pulsing, throbbing, unstoppable Twitter.

My first thought was: how lame is the Upper East Side? Does no one embrace social media north of 59th Street East of 5th Ave? Weird (unless it’s because there aren’t thousands of people on the 2nd ave line, which doesn’t yet exist). Also interesting: the 2 train and the 4/5 lines creeping up into the Bronx seem like hotbeds of Tweeting (an argument for Twitter as democracy, i.e. all levels of NYC demographics / socioeconomics embracing the platform, not just wealthy lower Manhattan types). The 1/2/3 boner-like vein on the Upper West Side probably captures much of the Columbia University, City College, Fordham University traffic. Brooklyn lines are thick, but not as thick as the UWS, and not as long as the Queens arm, which stretches impressively out past Forest Hills.

Gratuitous link to our Twitter feed, where we’ve been discussing Virginia Woolf’s suicide.