Congratulations to Wyatt Mitchell who has been named the first ever Creative Director at our beloved New Yorker magazine. Pam McCarthy made the announcement today and explained: “There was a time when The New Yorker didn’t have an art director at all,” said McCarthy. “The need grew — we added photography, for one thing — and we hired an art director. Now so many new needs have exploded in so many different directions over the last 18 months that we needed something more. Wyatt’s command of digital technology, like his command of print, is so strong and is sure.” Longer summary of this hiring is available here.

According to a few people we’ve talked with, before he came to the Conde Nast family Mitchell’s experience included editorial positions at Wired Magazine, the Oprah Winfrey Magazine, and Vibe. Sounds like a bad ass. Congratulations Wyatt, and best of luck!