Young Literarians, the official Kenyon Review poetry contest for high school students is now officially accepting submissions. Starting today, November 1st, until November 30th, any high school sophomore or junior can enter the Kenyon Review poetry contest. Some words of advice: don’t write your poems like the Epic Poet, whose goal is to write the longest poem in the history of the world. Instead, write a poem that means something to you, that has some painful, artistic kernel of truth or meaning in it. If it must rhyme, make it rhyme. If you’re more into free verse, then by all means be free! If you want to write like Kanye, well, we wish you well! Whatever you do, write something and send it to the Kenyon Review. The winner gets an all-paid trip to the Kenyon Review young writer’s workshop next summer.

Lord Byron, who supposedly published his first poem at age four.