The MOMA is currently hosting a Willem de Kooning retrospective, which is one of the best exhibits in recent memory. It features hundreds of the artist’s works, presented chronologically from the beginning of his career to his death in 1997. It was interesting to see how dark and monochromatic many of his paintings were before he achieved any degree of success. The “Woman” series is probably his most recognizable and for good cause:

Woman, 1948

Mindblowing, genre-obliterating, abstract experimentation with form, innovative, inventive, disturbing, puerile, whatever you want to call it, it’s genius. Here’s another one:

Woman I, 1950





The New York Times says the exhibit’s long overdue, and they’re right. Here’s the link to the MOMA. Exhibit’s here until January 9th. It was fairly crowded on Sunday around 3 p.m. but not too bad, with very few lines or anything like that. Let there be de Kooning!

Willem de Kooning. b. 1903. d. 1997.