Somehow, against all odds, the Literary Man was able to score two tickets to this upcoming Wednesday night’s Radiohead show at the Roseland. It was literally a matter of hitting refresh, refresh over and over again from about 9:58 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. when, just like that, the web site changed and there were tickets available.

They’re currently going for $800 on craigslist. The Literary Lady has book club that night ( a true lover of books, that one!), which means the Literary Man has some soul-searching to do over the next 48 hours. To sell or not to sell? Is there a dying orphan somewhere with one last wish? Bring a fellow Radiohead-loving friend? No matter how this pans out, the Literary Man is psyched out of his mind. Working through the entire catalogue on Grooveshark this morning, starting with Pablo Honey and working through the 1990s, spending a little time remembering the epicness of OK Computer, and blazing into the dark, wonderful days of Kid A and Amnesiac (probably the Literary Man’s favorite album, overall).