Writers, Intellectuals, People Named Tim:

We demanded more Nerd Jeopardy, and now we finally have it. Limn Limneroo! Scheduled for this Saturday at the 310 Lounge (at 310 Bowery), the Literary Man and his literary accomplices are ready to answer a bunch of questions in the form of a question. Who was? What was? Why was? How was? So many ways to ruin these easy questions. Last time, for instance, one of the questions was, well, hmmm, we can’t remember any of the questions because there was free wine, and it was really warm down there in the basement, and someone was playing spin the bottle, and Colson Whitehead was vaguely involved. But whatever, it was fun! And now we’re doing it again!

Come answer questions with a bunch of other Lit Crawl NYCers. There’s always a chance that Jennifer Lawrence will be there. You just never know.

Literary Lady Jennifer Lawrence