Welcome to the Weekly Literary Quiz! Last week’s high score was 8, achieved by a young fiction writer in the graduate writing program of Columbia University. Is there no one out there who can ace the Weekly Literary Quiz? We’ll try round three and see if anyone’s up to the challenge. The answers are in the comments.

Question 1: Which of the following did NOT happen in 1925?

A: The New Yorker was founded.

B: THE GRAPES OF WRATH was published.

C: THE GREAT GATSBY was published.

D: The infamous Scopes Monkey Trial begins.

Question 2: The definition of the word “sedulous” is:

A: pertaining to sexual appeal

B: diligent in application or pursuit

C: heavy, burdensome

D: persistently tardy

Question 3: The Modern Library picked which of the following as the greatest novel written in English of the Twentieth Century?





Question 4: Which author wrote the “Sherlock Holmes” novels?

A: Agatha Christie

B: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

C: R.L. Stine

D: Joseph Conrad

Question 5: Who wrote the novel WONDER BOYS, which was later turned into a pretty good movie starring Michael Douglas and Tobey Macquire?

A: Jonathan Lethem

B: Nicole Krauss

C: Michael Chabon

D: Jhumpa Lahiri

Question 6: William Faulkner was born in which U.S. State?

A: Georgia

B: Alabama

C: Mississippi

D: Lousiana

Question 7: The novel INFINITE JEST by David Foster Wallace features extensive chapters about which of the following sports?

A: Golf

B: Sailing

C: Tennis

D: Bocce

Question 8: Which of the following is NOT a play by William Shakespeare?

A: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

B: The Tempest

C: King John

D: Timon of Athens

Question 9: The fictional character “Stuart Little” is what type of animal?

A: squirrel

B: mongoose

C: mouse

D: rabbit

Question 10: The King James Bible was first published in what century?

A: Sixteenth Century

B: Fifteen Century

C: Seventeen Century

D: Eighteenth Century