Pink Seersucker. Ouch.

So Baz Luhrmann (an Australian) is remaking a film adaptation of THE GREAT GATSBY, which was last filmed in the 1974 and featured Robert Redford as Gatsby (in an amazing pink seersucker suit). By any standard imaginable, the seventies version of this film was an epic — even historic — failure, which begs the question:  can Luhrmann get it right this time around?

The Literary Man is of the opinion that Leonardo DiCaprio has not done a bad movie in years(Inception, the Departed, Blood Diamond all come to mind). Most recently, Inception was essentially an adaptation of a seven page Jorge Luis Borges short story called “The Circular Ruins,” which is available in its entirety here. Thus, Leo has proved his dedication to recreating literary works for the big screen, but it remains to be seen whether the director of Moulin Rouge and a few other movies the Literary Man can’t remember, will be able to capture the poetry and emotional desolation of Fitzgerald’s prose.

Myrtle Wilson?

Most recently, Isla Fisher has agreed to play the party of Myrtle, the trashy-hot wife of the guy who owns the gas station on the edge of the Waste Land, i.e. Queens. A bunch of other disappointing people have also been picked, and it’s hard to get excited about this project, unless someone kicks out Luhrmann and hires an American to play Daisy. Not that there’s anything wrong Carey Mulligan, but come on.