It has become necessary to elaborate on the Hipster-Literary-Bro Continuum to clear up any confusion about the Literary Man’s relationship to Hipsters and Bros, both of whom share things in common with the Literary Man, but are ultimately different literary beasts.

The Hipster-Literary-Bro Continuum

The Literary Man is, as you can see in the image above, fifty percent Hipster and fifty percent Bro. Therefore, a continuum exists of men whose balance falls either too heavily into the realm of the hipster or the bro, and vice versa. This is a breakdown (incomplete) of the continuum and where different Literary Men rank.

100 percent Bro / 0 percent Hipster

92.5 percent bro: Portly Producer

87.5 percent: Ken Kesey

75 percent bro: Ernest Hemingway

65 percent bro: Brad Pitt

60 percent bro: the Epic Poet

50 percent Bro / 50 percent Hipster: The Literary Man

More than 50 percent Hipster

55 percent hipster: Jack Keruoac

70 percent hipster: Allen Ginsberg

80 percent hipster: the Aging Rockstar

85 percent hipster: Johnny Depp

95 percent hipster: Jonathan Safran Foer

Which begs the question: what about Kanye West?

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