Hot Author Number Ten

President Barack Obama

Author of two best-selling memoirs, Barack Obama is better known as the Leader of the Free World. He published his third book, OF THEE I SING, last fall, which currently has 129 five star Amazon ratings out of 141 total ratings. Amazing. The man can do it all, and he is, without a doubt, extremely handsome.

Just Plain Hot

Hot Author Number Nine

Karen Russell

Karen is the author of highly acclaimed short story collection ST LUCY’S HOME FOR GIRLS RAISED BY WOLVES and SWAMPLANDIA!, which features one of the greatest Wolf  / Alligator fight scenes ever written. Karen is also the tallest member of this list, clocking in at a staggering six foot six.

Definitely Author Hot (in a good way)

Hot Author Number Eight

Flannery O’Connor

Flannery is (unfortunately) dead, but nevertheless attractive in memoriam. She’s also the author of the legendary short story collection A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND.

Hot by Any Standard Imaginable

Hot Author Number Seven

Marisha Pessl: almost too authorial.

Archetype of Author Hot

Hot Author Number Six

Jhumpa Lahiri: who says looks don’t count?

Sold a Million Copies (each of which included this picture)

Hot Author Number Five

Harriet Beecher Stowe: it seems people must have been getting it on in the nineteenth century, but it’s hard to imagine with pictures like this. Still, definitely Author Hot.

Legendary for her Prose and Unusual Physical Appetite(s)

Hot Author Number Four

Zadie Smith: very much the Literary World’s “author hot” item for the past decade.

Straddling the Line Between Author Hot and Just Plain Hot

Hot Author Number Three

Clarice Lispector: wrote a novel in which an unnamed woman eats a cockroach. How’s that for symbolism!?

Yes, a Cockroach. And what of it?

Hot Author Number Two

Paul Auster: probably only published because of his total Author Hotness, not Just Plain Hot, mind you, but completely and undeniably tortured and artistic looking.

“Yes, I’m in Room 216. Bring your friend.”

Hot Author Number One

Sylvia Plath: the hottest author of our time. After years of battling depression, Plath took her own life in 1963, not before securing her place in the history of American letters with her Collected Poems, which posthumously won the Pulitzer Prize. Here’s to you, Sylvia Plath.