The Literary Man can no longer ignore the amount of buzz surrounding James Gleick‘s new book called THE INFORMATION. It seems destined for success, commercially and artistically, which seems unusual given the subject matter — Information — is nebulous, possibly undefinable, not really possessed by gorillas, and not something easily explained / pitched to a book club in Kansas.

The Times, with whom the Literary Man has a so-so relationship due to its recent pay-wall trap (although methods of circumvention have already appeared) seems to love THE INFORMATION and has even allowed its book review to remain free and readily accessible (the way that all information should be, except for information about the Literary Man’s novel, or lackthereof, which should be secretive, and not discussed in literary circles lest the Literary Man admit that he’s still stuck on page 1).

Coming soon: the Literary Man’s review of Teju Cole’s OPEN CITY, which was the Literary Man’s first Featured Book of the Month (in this case, February; yes, the Literary Man’s behind schedule, but, you know, whatever).