It has to come the Literary Man’s attention that semi-secret literary societies still exist, and, thus, the Literary Man wonders why he does not belong to any, or, furthermore, why he hasn’t started any of his own. The best plan of action, it seems, is for the Literary Man to immerse himself in one (or several) societies and start lobbying for his own inclusion.

The Literary Man is quite familiar with the work of Tom McCarthy and even considers C one of the best novels published, anywhere in any category, in the past eighteen months. McCarthy and a few other possibly fictional characters have established a society called the Necronauts, whose motto is cras ingens iterabimus aequor, which means something to the effect of “tomorrow we shall set out upon the vast ocean.”

Who are the Necronauts and what is their purpose? Are they friend or foe? Will they destroy literature and merely twist it to their possibly nefarious, though very much appealing, purposes? More importantly, is Banksy a member of the Necronauts? If not, is he their sworn enemy?

Friend or Foe of the Necronauts?
Possible Opus of the Necronauts; or, The Wolfman: A Retelling