It is highly possible that the Literary Man watched the Oscars last night, not, mind you, because he’s interested in that sort of self-congratulatory claptrap; rather, the Literary Lady / Verbal Vixen paid the Literary Man a “visit” last night, and, shortly thereafter, they watched the Oscars together, over brut bubbly and chevre.

This is neither the time nor the place to introduce, let alone characterize the Literary Lady / Verbal Vixen (well, just to clarify, this is one woman we’re talking about here, with (at least) two sides to her: when she is quietly reading on the Literary Man’s couch, mug of tea in one hand copy of the Literary Magazine in the other, she is thusly the Literary Lady; when she gives into the chaotic need to verbalize her unpredictable if endearingly disordered thoughts, or call the Literary Man into the bedroom or summon him into the dressing room at Victoria Secret, she dons the nominal cape of the Verbal Vixen. Alas, this is all by and by. . .)

Although the Literary Man and the LL / VV don’t agree on much when it comes to Human Hotness, they did agree that the emergence of Jennifer Lawrence on the Red Carpet last night was stunning. words do better than this? Should they even try? Admittedly, in the War of Words, pictures may have won this round–handedly–but the battle’s just begun (or, at least, began, like, eighty years ago and is still raging, well, not as much raging, so much as slowly squeezing all literature out of existence as a result of this year-by-year siege, but that doesn’t mean that the Literary Man and his kind won’t go down without a fight, right?)

Is it too much, when considering the visual image above, to insist that people prefer words, or at least give words a chance? Yes, the reward of laboring through difficult and often boring text is ultimately more spiritually uplifting and invigorating, but, for instance, how does the image below compare to the image above? To wit:

Ouch. Things aren’t looking good for words these days, but then again the Literary Man has quite a few tricks up his sleeve. His literary sleeve, that is. This fight is far from over.